Hobart HS Series Slicer Blade (OEM # 00-914753)

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Direct replacement for the Hobart Slicing Machine Models:

HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9

Direct replacement of OEM # 00-914753

IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ: This is the 'removable style' blade. It requires a special tool for knife removal and installation. Please double check the model of your machine, and the blade that you are replacing. It will have a center hole matching the one shown in the image to the left (two screw holes, and two notches). If your blade does not look like this, you have an 'N' series model, which has 4 screw holes and can be purchased here. The model names are very similar, but the blades are entirely different and NOT interchangeable. Therefore please be sure about the model and the OEM #s before ordering. Thank you. 

*GBCS is not associated with Hobart, products are sold as after-market replacement parts